Leadership Training


Our Integrated Leadership Program – ILP

Our ILP  is the sharing of an amalgamation of proven Peak Performance Leadership Tools, Technologies and Resources to assist today’s Leaders and Managers to be the best they can be. The engagement of our ILP  is primarily initiated via an interview process designed to indentify a Leader’s current skills set, personality traits, leadership style and managerial strengths.

While the foundation of our ILP  is based upon ten core Leadership fundamentals the strength of our program is in our ability to individually re-assess and tailor it, to meet mutually acknowledge outcomes. Following an initial interview and assessment we then provide a detailed document incorporating our programs requirements, approach, assessment, confidentiality and intended outcomes.

Collaboratively, we work with organisations to assist their Leaders to enhance core competencies, build on interpersonal skills, solidify role clarification and workplace boundaries and strengthen their managerial language, behaviours and actions. This approach has realised significant improvements in individual and team performance, outcomes, workplace harmonisation and workforce retention.

Our ILP  experience and evidence has demonstrated that required awareness, adjustment and consolidation of outcomes are achieved with not less than six one to one, 1-2 hour sessions. These sessions can be facilitated in the workplace in our offices at Port Macquarie or via phone hook-ups or Skype.

Our ILP  assists today’s Leaders to develop a better understanding of the relationship, dynamics and systemic factors that enable organisations to perform more efficiently, harmoniously and competitively. We currently works closely with senior Leaders and Managers across Australia, in the highly competitive Mining Sector, Education Sector and Energy Sector – As well with Commercial and Community based organisations.

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