Workplace Change


Workplace Change & Compliance Training

In facilitating our Change-Ability Workshops BLC take pride in our ability to individually tailor and impart training in ways to build on participant’s skill sets, learning styles, approach to and understandings of workplace relationships, dynamics, expectations and reporting requirements.

The following Change–Ability Training was delivered over four half day sessions to a non-government agency required to meet new Government Common Care Standards and was specifically developed to meet this organisations changing needs. Following is an overview of nine specific training outcomes that where identified and achieved through the provision of our Change- Ability Training.

Training Outcomes:

• Enabled staff to understand the requirements for change and to assess the organisations service delivery, Style/Quality/Ability/Level/ Strengths and Weaknesses

• Enabled Staff to re-develop their organisations Mission Statement and Vision

• Enabled Staff to understand and implement the new Government Customer Care Standards

• Enabled a deeper understanding of (HACC) governing bodies measuring, expectations and funding requirements

• Enabled Staff to develop and commit to their own Job Descriptions

• Enabled Staff to assess their role and ability to achieve self created and managerial KRA’s (Key Result Areas)

• Provided format and tools to facilitate better meetings/ Agendas & Reporting

• Creation of a management KPI (Key Performance Indicator)template that enabled assessment and staff realisation of actual position requirements, expectations and standards/ Essentially providing management with a Performance Review Tool

• Enabled the team to develop their own Strategic Plan

BLC believe that Workplace Training and Change is essentially about empowerment, contact us now to find out how we can assist to empower you and your workplace!