Professional Recruitment Services

BLC utilise an industry proven Leadership Psychometric Assessment Tool that clearly identifies candidate’s Leadership Styles as one of five being: Authoritative – Persuasive – Mentor – Traditionalist or Adaptable. Previous candidates have stated that they found their assessment to be extremely accurate. More importantly this assessment enables organisations or hiring authorities to assess dimensions of a candidate that might not be readily observable during the traditional interview. This assessment tool is not an “intelligence test,” but rather an instrument with which a candidate’s non-behavioural capacities can be assessed – and objectively compared to those of other candidates. This assessment also indentified the following, being a candidates:

  • Leadership Style
  • Communication Style
  • Primary and Secondary Motivators and De-Motivators
  • Personality Traits
  • Decision Making Style &
  • Preferred Learning Styles

BLC believe that over-reliance on any one measurement may lead to inaccurate, biased, unfair and even poor hiring decisions. We strongly support the results of any recruitment process that incorporates an integrated selection system. This is why we standby the utilisation of our proven process that incorporates an industry proven Psychometric Assessment a Change Style Survey Tool and Individually Designed Position Interview Process. Our recruitment packages include all of these essential components as well as an Interview Panel Scoring Guide, Tips and Traps awareness documents and interview consultancy services as required.

Amazingly, while awareness and compliance is growing in regard to recruitment processes, one of the most overlooked components unwittingly abused or hijacked is still structured behavioural and questioning interviewing. When imparted correctly, it re-enforces and ensures the validity and consistancy of interviewing measurement.

BLC believe that each interviewing process is governed by the type and format of the interviewing questions and a one size fits all is a recipe for disaster and challenge. BLC formulate interview questions directly related to actual Position Roles and Responsibilities and incorporates interview questions designed to highlight areas of strength or weakness in a candidates:

Compassion and Empathy • Negotiation and Persuasion • People Skills • Creativity and Originality • Compliance • Egocentricities • Honesty & Patience

Another preferred and endorsed assessment tool utilised by BLC is our Change Style Management Assessment Tool of which is extremely useful in increasing managerial awareness of the importance of understanding how potential candidates manage change. This tool assists in identifying one of the three potential change styles being: Conserver, Pragmatist or Originator.

This assessment tool also assists in regard to better managing change of individuals and teams to:

  • Acknowledge and better understand difference
  • Improve interpersonal communication and understanding
  • Avoid conflicts and reduce unproductive meeting time
  • Realize the value of all perspectives when resolving issues
  • Improve teamwork
  • Enable a team’s creativity and innovation
  • Increase collaboration and cooperation to Reach “win/win” solutions

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